WordPress & Spektrix Integration (WPSPX)

Recently we were approached by a well known performance and arts house to undertake some work on their website. The website is built in WordPress and the company use Spektrix to handle the booking requests. While working on this website we built our very own plugin titled WPSPX to allow for an elegant integration of the two systems.

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Facebook Long Term Access Token

As part of building the social wall plugin we needed to create a way to connecting to Facebook via the SDK and get the information from a page without having to go through the difficult process of oAuth (that process will eventually be explored).

To do this and allow the social wall pull in the information we needed we had to get a never expiring access token. This took us quite a while to figure out due to the lack of detailed explanation on Facebook’s docs and other places we’d reviewed online. After exhausting all online resources, here is how we eventually got a never expiring Facebook Page Access Token.

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