Long Valley Yurts

Holidays With a Breath of Fresh Air

Passionate about the outdoors and outdoor living, Long Valley Yurts offer the perfect combination of back-to-nature living, without compromising on all the usual luxuries you would wish for on a holiday. Situated in four spectacular locations across the UK & working with the National Trust, their yurts are furnished with a distinctly Moroccan feel with woollen rugs, bright colourful throws, twinkling fairy lights, solar lighting and wood burning stoves.

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The Challenge

We were approached by Carne & Co to assist with rebuilding the Long Valley Yurts website. They wanted achieve the following goals:

- Improve customer experience when booking yurts.
- Boost exposure to holiday locations and highlight activities.
- Encourage audience interaction through social media.
- Enhance user experience on portable devices

The Solution

Our solution was to utilise a flexible and editable CMS, so that team at Long Valley Yurts could easily add and edit a rich variety of content going forwards.

We integrated an online booking system through a custom built availability form. The main purpose of this was to quickly display what packages and yurts are available on any given page of the website. This was made possible through utilising a REST API for Anytime Booking.

Finally, we collaborated with Carne & Co. to ensure that the site was useable and performed well across the broad spectrum of devices and browsers.

Social Media Wall: Plugn Devlopment

Part of our brief was to encourage audience interaction through Long Valley Yurts social media channels.

To meet this need, we developed a custom-built 'social media wall' - this plugin makes use of the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook API to display social posts and information in an original and eye-catching manner.

Flexible CMS Implementation

We developed a custom implementation of the ever-popular WordPress content management system, taking advantage of its flexibility to create a modular publishing platform.

WordPress is one of the most commonly used website platforms on the web with over 60 million installations to date. It has been used by some of the biggest companies around the world such as flickr, MIT, Vogue, NASA, 10 Downing Street, New York Times and many more.

We incorporated a set of content modules that editors can choose from when posting new content, allowing for total freedom and editorial design, while retaining a consistent look and feel across the site.